Sometimes we need to start our healing journey by focusing on the physical body so that we can open ourselves up to emotional, spiritual and soul healing.

One of the first things I do with clients is talk about body fuel – the food we consume. We focus on ensuring that the engines of each cell in your body (the mitochondria) are being nourished by the correct macro and micro nutrient ratios. 

Every decision we make to put food in our mouth is an opportunity taken—or lost—to give our mitochondria what they need.

What they need is nutrient-dense, whole foods. What they don't need is everything else.

Processed food can have the effect of disconnecting us from ourselves. After all, it is designed to make you want to eat more of it. Your body no longer sends you the signal to eat more brocolli when your mitochondria are hanging for it, because the processed food chemicals are telling it to eat more cheese flavoured crisps.

Changing over to a nutrient-dense, whole food diet can suddenly open up your taste buds. 

You may actually want to eat healthy food because you are eating healthy food.

We also look at hydration, because one of the main issues we see as functional nutritionists is that our bodies are starved of water. We drink so much caffeine and sugary stuff, which dehydrate us further. 

Our brains and cells are literally shrivelling up.

We need to consider whether you are digesting what you eat, cleaving the proteins, and producing enough bile to break down fats and enzymes to deal with increased vegetable intake.

Your gut may need to be healed, your detoxification pathways opened up, food intolerances sorted out, blood sugar stabilised and essential fatty acid ratios and hormones balanced.

Then we move onto structure, exercise and the movement of energy through your body, balancing chakras and meridians as we go.

I might convince you to take up a practice such as yoga, if you are physically ready to do so and you don't already have one. Once you understand precisely how it benefits you, it's much easier to make the commitment. But no pressure. 

It is likely that I will recommend other practitioners to assist in some of these areas.

Next, we look at unprocessed emotions blocking the flow of energy through the body.

I help you through the main presenting issues and then teach you how to release these trapped emotions yourself.

It's important to note that this can be a completely private experience, if you want it to be. I don't need to know about the painful experience if you'd rather not share. I can simply identify the emotion or area of trauma and help you to say goodbye to it.

You will still remember the event, but there will be little or no associated emotion.

This alone can make you feel free, like never before. 

It's not unusual for me to find that external energies are interfering with your energy, and so they are gently dispatched to the right place. 

And finally, we open up the connection between you and your body. If you don't already self-muscle test, then we'll get you set up to be able to do so with confidence.

You'll find it easier to know what works for your body when you can ask it questions with a clear answer.

Next, or maybe in parallel, we'll look at mind healing.


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• A nutrient-dense, whole food diet

• Digestion

• Hydration

• Blood sugar balance

• Detoxification

• Essential fatty acid balance

• Hormonal balance

• Dealing with food intolerances

• Healing your gut

• Breathing techniques

• Brain health

• Sleep hygiene – how to maximise it and get quality rest

• Structural – posture, types of professional help

• Exercise – understanding exactly why you need it makes it easier!

• Movement of energy through the body – Energy medicine, tapping

• Releasing old baggage – Thymus Tapping, Emotion Code, EFT

• Self-muscle testing

• Clearing interfering energies

• Balancing chakras and meridians

and more.


The best cure for the body is a quiet mind
— Napoleon Bonaparte