We’re starting to realise that our thoughts may have immense power, especially over our own bodies. Science is starting to make connections between thoughts and matter, and in particular, our cells.

The building blocks of our life are literally being programmed by what we’re thinking.


The bad news? As we think negative things about our health or our weight, our cells respond accordingly. 

The good news is, we can use this to our advantage. But first, we need to learn to be present and mindful.

When you first learn to still your mind, one of the first things you will notice is that it is uncomfortable and difficult. The monkey mind itches to take control and fill your head with a to-do list.

As you teach the monkey inside to be at peace, you may be presented with your old baggage.

Unprocessed emotions, things you have not been fully able to express, painful memories and traumas all start to float to the surface.

This is one of the reasons we keep our lives so busy – in an effort to push away all the issues we might otherwise have to deal with. But we need to remember that...

we are never presented with more than we can handle.

As these old feelings and experiences come up, we can take advantage of the opportunity they present. We repeat what we have not released, so the moment they show up is a great time to set them free.  

Clearing out all the old stuff is like spring cleaning your wardrobe – that ‘ahh’ feeling you get when it’s nicely organised and only contains the things that you really want to keep.

This lays the groundwork for positive thought patterns that will give your body the right messages, ones that will actually serve you and your health.

This leads us to healing our spirit.

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• Rewiring for positive thinking – gratitude, journalling, reframing, daily techniques

• Being more right-brained

• Whole brain techniques

• Trauma release

• Learning to love and accept yourself

• And after all that… getting out of our brains and into our hearts!


Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.
— Dalai Lama