We are eternal souls that take up residence in a human body. This statement may not sit well with you at this stage in your journey.

But I can promise you this – if you stay the course, you will know it for yourself.

The human soul is magnificent.

It extends far beyond your body and can exist in many dimensions and be connected to many planes at once. However...

The soul can carry traumas with it from one life experience to the next. 

Healing those traumas can help us move through life with more ease.

And many of us, especially if we've experienced deep trauma in this life that has shattered us, are no longer quite inside our bodies.

Rather, our soul is hovering somewhere above us, half in and half out is the best way I can describe it. And we often won't realise this until it's firmly back in place. 

As well, we sometimes give away fragments of our soul or take on fragments from other people.

Re-integrating your soul back into your body (and returning other soul fragments) can be life changing — and quite an adjustment. It's like you've been looking at the world on a black and white television, and now it's in high-definition techni-colour.

SOME OF US have a 'broken' soul.

When we've been severely hurt or haven't had time or allowed ourselves to grieve properly, a fracture can form in the soul's energy field.

This has the effect of making us feel empty to the core of our being. It is grief beyond grief.

A soul that is too fractured may depart in order to make repairs, hence the term 'died of a broken heart'.

To a soul, death is only another beginning. 

However, when we choose not to go through a death door, we are given an opportunity to grow spiritually. Illness is sometimes a death door, one of our greatest opportunities to overcome a challenge and evolve. 

Making a choice to self-heal is a brave step towards your soul's evolution.

A fractured soul body is re-created or re-birthed, rather than 'repaired', but it can be done, with your soul's permission. 

Soul work is probably the most important, foundational part of the body~mind~spirit~soul healing process.

Often, though, it takes healing on the other levels before you are ready.

At all times, I will ask you to be patient and loving with yourself. Self healing starts with acceptance of self, and that no matter where we are at this moment, it is perfectly where we need to be.

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The soul always knows what it needs to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.
— Caroline Myss