Even though you may not feel it (yet), we are all made of energy and all part of the same energy field. The sooner—and more frequently—you tap into this field, the faster your healing will be.

We are all tiny sparks of a great universal energy.


Most of our problems stem from the illusion that we are separate – from each other and from our creator.

When you feel connected to that energy, the aching loneliness that urges us to search for something outside ourselves, whether it be drink, drugs, people, porn, TV shows, extreme exercise or danger (any addiction), is replaced by a peace and centredness that creates a platform for true growth.

In fact, it is from this energy source that all things are possible. 

So how do we learn to feel connected when we've always felt disconnected? Even though we may have tried diligently?

First, we search for blocks. They're often there: unprocessed trauma or emotions that you have effectively used to built a wall around yourself. Sometimes it's an external energy that interferes. It can also simply be nutritional deficiency or gut health issue that has led to a further deficiency in feel-good hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Or it can be inflammation in the body. When we're inflamed and we have no happy hormones, we get depressed. And it's very hard to feel connected to anything or anyone in that state.

I'll recommend a daily practice of using your intention to integrate your energy with 'all that is'. With time, and practice, a whole new universe will open up. You'll learn to connect to people with your heart, and feel the constant, reassuring presence of something greater than yourself.

Soul healing completes the picture.


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• Ways you can connect to the universal energy

• Removing any blocks that are preventing you from connecting

• Staying grounded

• Connection to your higher self

• Connection to other people



Are you being led by your spirit or your wound?
— Autumn Joy Jimerson